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Inna Santoso – LA Real Estate Agent

Inna Santoso, Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

With over 15 years of combined real estate experience, Inna Santoso truly understands the local real estate market in the Los Angeles area. She is able to anticipate what future home buyers and sellers need. She goes beyond traditional Real Estate services by providing leading marketing strategies and focuses on strengthening business and personal relationships within the community.

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Client Testimonials

We have worked with Inna on some incredibly complex deals where there were financing issues and a nervous seller, however, Inna played her role very well coming up with creative compromises to keep both sides happy and ultimately close the transaction. There are many real estate agents but few have the sufficient experience to handle the biggest purchase in one's life and even fewer have the ability to see things through when the pressure is high and keep everything calm and steady. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

by John K

Keep this person UP. Many agents may have a great promotion and advertising in realty but she knows her job well and makes it out what you need it for. Many agents may have great knowledge in real estate, but she’s also willing to do some extra works to make it deal. Many agents have ability to find the property and show it to you, but she is also "Great" in follow up for the property you offered - either she got me on the phone or she let me know through email or text. Many agents would say the same word "Congratulations" when you finally got the property and received a key, but she’s also still providing a good relationship and brings forth a customer satisfaction to us. Thank you for helping us out with the property that we have now.

by Herry and Tinah

We give our highest recommendation for Inna Santoso as our Realtor to be your Realtor. We really enjoyed working with her in our search for a new home. She has so much to offer professionally and personally. She offers the very rare combination of being conscientious, patient, professional and yet very warm in her communication style. Inna was always available to us, even if meant her answering the same question more than once. Inna makes her job look effortless but we have no doubt she gives her best in every conversation and meeting we had with her. It is a pleasure working with her so there is no doubt she will deliver the best home buying or home selling experience possible for you as well.

by John and Anastasia Becker

I am not easily impressed, but it is not every day I - or anyone else I bet - encounters a professional such as Inna Santoso. My son and I just become owners of a condo, Inna, as our agent, was simply extraordinary. We were looking to buy a condo for well over one year and had worked with two prior agents. We went nowhere with them. With Inna, It is a much different story: she is knowledgeable in today's real estate market; she is a barracuda as far as following everything and making sure it is done; she answers every questions right away; she is service-oriented and goes above expectations; to wrap all this up, she is very pleasant and personable. I know we are not a "big-item ticket", yet, she treated us as she would have had she sold us a million dollar home. We will certainly feel very confident referring her any change we get !

by Anny and Ghian Wright